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The Hot Springs Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was designated in 2003. In 2013, the MPO adopted its current name, Tri-Lakes MPO. Federal regulations require MPOs to be designated in urbanized areas with a population of at least 50,000 people; in order to carryout a Continuing, Cooperative, and Comprehensive (3-C) performance-based, multimodal metropolitan transportation planning process. As such, the MPO's planning partners include but are not limited to the following: FHWA, FTA, ARDOT, Garland County, City of Hot Springs (including Intracity Transit), Hot Springs Village, Town of Fountain Lake, City of Mountain Pine, Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce; Hot Spring County, City of Malvern and the general members of the public. Metropolitan Planning Area MapThe Tri-Lakes MPO is a branch of the West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District (WCAPDD). Therefore, all MPO meetings (unless otherwise noted) are held at the WCAPDD at 10:00 am at 1000 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901. Calendar 2019 Calendar 2020.


Key Metropolitan Transportation Planning Documents 
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Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP): An MTP is the MPO's long-range transportation plan. It covers no less than a 20-year planning horizon as of the effective date; and it is updated at least every 5 years. 

2040 MTP Executive Summary;   Amendment One;   Amendment Two;  Amendment Three;   Amendment Four;

2045 MTP; Amendment One; Amendment Two; Amendment Three; Amendment Four;

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): A TIP is the MPO's short-range transportation plan. It reflects investment priorities established in the current MTP, and covers a period of no less than 4-years, and is updated at least every 4-years. However, an MPO may update the TIP more frequently, but the cycle for updating the TIP must be compatible with the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The STIP is developed by ARDOT and it's updated annually.

2016 - 2020 TIPAmendment One; Amendment Two; 2019 - 2022 TIP; 2019 - 2022 STIP; Revision One2020 - 2023 TIP;   2020 - 2023 STIP;

Program of Projects (POP): 
The City of Hot Springs owns and operates the Intracity Transit bus system. A POP is a list of projects proposed by the designated recipient of FTA's 5307 funds. 2018 POP

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects (ALOP):
An ALOP is listing of multimodal projects for which Federal funds were obligated in the preceding program year. Obligation means the Federal government's legal commitment (promise) to pay or reimburse a State or other entity for the Federal share of a project's eligible costs. Notably, most MPO programs and projects are financed using 80% Federal funding, and 20% State and/or Local match.
2017 ALOP;    2018 ALOP;   2019 ALOP;

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP): A UPWP documents an MPO's work proposed for the next 1 or 2 year period. 2018 UPWP; 2019 UPWP; 2020 UPWP; 

Annual Performance and Expenditure Report (APER): An APER reflects the performance and expenditure of the UPWP. 2017 APER;   2018 APER;   2019 APER;

Title VI Plan: A Title VI plan demonstrates compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other Federal laws and regulations which prohibit discrimination in all Federally assisted programs. 2014 Title VI Plan;   2018 Title VI Plan;   

Public Participation Plan (PPP): A PPP is a document which defines the process in which the MPO plans to involve individuals, public agencies, representatives of public transportation and other interested parties, in the metropolitan transportation planning process. 2018 PPP;

BylawsThe Bylaws of an MPO provide guidance on the straucture and operations of the MPO. Bylaws Modified 2019-7-23

Performance Measures (PM): The FHWA defines Transportation Performance Management (TPM) as a strategic approach that uses system information to make investment and policy decisions to achieve national performance goals. For more information, go to FHWA TPM Website and FTA TPM Website and 23 CFR 490.

Safety (PM 1)
Safety PM FHWA Website;  ARDOT Traffic Safety Webpage
2018 Targets;  2019 Targets; Draft 2020 Targets;

Pavement and Bridge (PM 2)
2018 Targets - Pavement2018 Targets - Bridge;
ARDOT Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP)
2018 NHS Pavement Condition Data Map

System Reliability and Freight (PM 3)
2018 Targets - System Reliability; 2018 Targets - Freight;

Transit PM
2018 Intracity Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan and Targets
2018 ARDOT TAM Plan and Targets
2018 ARDOT Transit Coordination Plan
Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) FTA Resources
ARDOT's Section 5310 Grants April 1 - May 6, 2019
5339(b) Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program due June 21, 2019

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): The TAC provides technical assistance and advice to the Policy Board.  
Agenda TAC 2018-1-30             Agenda TAC 2019-2-5
Minutes TAC 2018.1.30
             Minutes TAC 2019-2-5
Agenda TAC 2018-5-8               Agenda TAC 2019-5-7
Minutes TAC 2018.5.8              
Minutes TAC 2019-5-7
Agenda TAC 2018-6-26             Agenda TAC 2019-7-9
Minutes TAC 2018.6.26             Minutes TAC 2019-7-9
Agenda TAC 2018.10.2             Agenda TAC 2019-10-1
Minutes TAC 2018.10.2            Minutes TAC 2019-10-1

Policy Board: The Policy Board (PB) is the decision making body of the MPO. 
Agenda PB 2018-2-22            Agenda PB 2019-2-21
Minutes PB 2018.2.22            Minutes PB 2019-2-21
Agenda PB 2018-5-24            Agenda PB 2019-5-23
Minutes PB 2018.5.24            Minutes PB 2019-5-23
Agenda PB 2018.7.19            Agenda PB 2019-7-23
Minutes PB 2018.7.19            Minutes PB 2019-7-23
Agenda PB 2018.10.11          Agenda PB 2019-10-17
Minutes PB 2018.10.11          Minutes PB 2019-10-17

Prominent Projects within the MPA
Hot Springs Area Wayfinding Project: Options One, Two, Three and Four

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Resources
MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan
Hot Springs Parks and Trails Department Webpage

ARDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordination Webpage
Southwest Trail Update
ARDOT 2019 TAP & RTP Grants March 1 - June 3, 2019.

Miscellaneous Resources:
~Federal Laws and Regulations Resources: MAP-21; FAST-ACT; 23 U.S.C. 134; 23 CFR 450; 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53
~Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) Website ARDOT Highways Magazine
~Commonly used Metropolitan Transportation Planning Acronyms.
~MPO 101 Pamphlet.
~SurveyGive us your input regarding our region's transportation system by completing this short survey. English  Spanish
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
AARP Community Challenge Grant Due April 17, 2019
BUILD Grants Due July 15, 2019
Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) Grants Due August 30, 2019

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact Emmily Tiampati the MPO Study Director or Dwayne Pratt WCAPDD Executive Director. P.O. Box 6409 - 71902 or 1000 Central Avenue - 71901, Hot Springs, AR. 501-302-5028. Facebook


Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Tri-Lakes Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) complies with all civil rights provisions of federal statutes and related authorities that prohibit discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. Therefore, the MPO does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, religion, disability, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), or low-income status in the admission, access to and treatment in the MPO’s programs and activities, as well as the MPO’s hiring or employment practices. This notice is available from the ADA/504/Title VI Coordinator in large print, on audio tape and Braille, upon request. Free language assistance will be provided to persons of LEP upon request. Complaints of alleged discrimination and inquiries regarding the MPO's nondiscrimination policies should be directed to: Emmily Tiampati, MPO Study Director & ADA/504/Title VI Coordinator, P.O. Box 6409,Hot Springs, AR 71902. Tel: 501-302-5028, Voice/TTY 711. 


La Organización de Planificación Metropolitana de Tri-Lakes (MPO) cumple con todas las disposiciones de derechos civiles de los estatutos federales y las autoridades relacionadas que prohíben la discriminación en programas y actividades que reciben asistencia financiera federal. Por lo tanto, la MPO no discrimina por motivos de raza, sexo, color, edad, origen nacional, religión, discapacidad, dominio limitado del inglés (LEP) o estado de bajos ingresos en la admisión, acceso y tratamiento en los programas de la MPO y actividades, así como las prácticas de contratación o empleo de la MPO. Este aviso está disponible del Coordinador de ADA/504/Título VI en letra grande, en cinta de audio y Braille, a pedido. Se proporcionará asistencia lingüística gratuita a las personas de LEP que lo soliciten. Las quejas de supuesta discriminación y las consultas sobre las políticas de no discriminación de la MPO deben dirigirse a: Emmily Tiampati, Directora de Estudios de MPO y ADA/504/Coordinadora del Título VI, P.O. 6409, Hot Springs, AR 71902. Tel: 501-302-5028, Voz/TTY 711. 


Board, Officers, and District Members




 Christmas Party

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Clark County

County Judge Troy Tucker

Gary Brinkley, Arkadelphia City Manager

Conway County

County Judge Jimmy Hart

 Mayor Alan Lipsmeyer,Morrilton

Mayor Lee Smith, Menifee

Garland County

County Judge Rick Davis

David Frasher, Hot Springs City Manager

John Rogers, B & F Engineering


2018-2019 Board of Directors


Judge Rick Davis - President

Judge Herman Houston - Vice President

Mr. Bill Weston- Treasurer

Mayor Brenda Weldon - Secretary

Executive Committee

Mr. Bill Weston, Pres. First National Bank

Yell County Judge Mark Thone

Johnson County Judge Herman Houston

Dardanelle Mayor Carolyn McGee

Pope County Judge Jim Ed Gibson

 Garland County Judge Rick Davis

Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon

Board Members

Hot Spring County

County Judge Dennis Thornton

Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon

  Mr. Jewell Willis, Jr.

 Johnson County

County Judge Herman Houston

Clarksville Mayor Mark Simpson

Matt Wylie, Pres. First Security Bank

Montgomery County

County Judge Sammy Jones

Mount Ida Mayor Jo Childress

Oden Mayor Tim Philpot

Members at Large

Steve Beck, Public Works

Raymond Chambers, Family First 






 Member Counties & Cities

Clark County Conway County Garland County Hot Spring County Johnson County
City of Amity City of Morrilton City of Hot Springs City of Malvern City of Clarksville
City of Arkadelphia City of Plumerville   City of Midway City of Coal Hill
City of Caddo Valley City of Menifee   City of Rockport City of Hartman
City of Gurdon City of Oppelo     City of Lamar
Montgomery County Perry County Pike County Pope County Yell County
City of Mount Ida City of Bigelow City of Antoine City of Atkins City of Danville
City of Norman City of Perryville City of Daisy City of London City of Dardanelle
  City of Casa City of Glenwood City of Pottsville City of Ola
    City of Murfreesboro City of Russellville City of Plainview

To find out how your city can become a member of West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District, contact Dwayne Pratt, Executive Director.



Dwayne Pratt
Executive Director
1000 Central Ave.
P.O. Box 6409
Hot Springs, AR 71902
Phone 501-525-7577 x 11
Fax 501-525-7677










The West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District was organized for the purpose of improving and enhancing the social and economic well-being and opportunities for the people residing within its boundaries. WCAPDD is a multi-county non-profit planning and development organization established to promote economic development, to assist local governments and private organizations in obtaining federal and state grants and loans, to prepare comprehensive regional plans for economic development and improve government services, to enlist private support for these activities, and to coordinate private and public programs in a multi-county district.